Colour Sublimation Printing

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Colour Sublimation Printing – an innovative technique that infuses vibrant and intricate designs directly into fabric. Discover the sublimation process, its benefits, suitable materials, customization options, and more for your custom apparel needs in Malaysia.

What is Colour Sublimation Printing?

Colour Sublimation Printing is a cutting-edge method that involves transferring designs from a special sublimation ink onto fabric using heat. This process turns the ink into a gas that bonds with the fabric, resulting in a design that is not only vibrant but also permeates the fabric’s fibers.

The Sublimation Process

1, Design Preparation:
Begin by creating or selecting a design. This digital design is then printed onto special sublimation paper using sublimation ink.
2. Transfer onto Fabric:
The sublimation paper is placed onto the fabric, and heat is applied. This causes the ink to turn into gas and permeate the fabric, creating a long-lasting, vivid design.
3. Cooling and Setting:
After the heat application, the fabric is cooled, which solidifies the ink’s bond with the fabric. This results in a design that doesn’t fade or crack.
4. Laser Cut and Shaping:
Once the fabric is set, we employ laser cutting technology to precisely cut the fabric into the desired shape according to the design.
5. Sewing, QC, and Packing:
Our skilled artisans meticulously sew the cut pieces, ensuring each seam and detail meets our high standards. Quality control ensures that each garment is flawless. Finally, garments are carefully packed, ready to make their impact.

Suitable Materials for Sublimation

Colour sublimation printing is ideal for certain types of fabric, including:

  • Microfiber Eyelet (160gsm)
  • Microfiber Eyelet (190gsm)
  • Microfiber Reverse Eyelet
  • Microfiber Interlock (150gsm)
  • Microfiber Interlock (190gsm)
  • Microfiber Pin Dot
  • Microfiber Diamond
  • Microfiber Lycra Interlock (190gsm)
  • Microfiber Lycra Interlock (280gsm) – suitable for tracksuit jackets
  • Polysoft (Woven Fabric)
  • Polyester Gaberdine (Woven Fabric)

Pros of Colour Sublimation Printing

Cons of Colour Sublimation Printing

Lead Time 7-14 days

Laser cutting technology

25,000 pieces of shirts per month

See it in Action

Explore some of our sublimation printing masterpieces.
Below are close-up photos of fabric types and samples of completed sublimation printing jobs.